Editing guidelines

Please use proper grammar at all times. Obviously we are not perfect at grammar but that's why are here as a contribution website. So I expect that everyone is going to check over each other's work. Vandalism is not tolerated so do not do that You will be banned after one warning for a predetermined amount of time. Creation of pages is allowed even if you can not link them. That's why we have other people who go through and fix things up :). If you have a good idea that I allowed then you can add that in as a page again don't worry if you can't make certain things people will go through and fix it

Lore guidlines

New lore has to be ran by me first and I need to read it over and Ill say yes or no. With this universe being so young lore will be easier accepted However it must stick to cannon. I'm trying to limit cannon descrepencies so keep that in mind. Admins obviously have the final say and I will be appointing some one the title of "Keeper of lore" who's job it is to make sure that the lore stays as is. Applications will be made to my message wall and I'll sort through and decide. New lore request will be made to one of my email addresses, again go to my message wall for that. My user name is Alpharious Omegron for that matter.