Policies Edit

Greetings fellow men and women. In this policy page you will find all the rules and set guidlines for this wiki please read carefully.

Chat Policies Edit

  1. Please treat everyone in this wiki kindly and fairly. We are here to fun and to learn more about this Sci-Fi universe.
  2. Rasism will not be tolerated under any circumstance. That is unacceptable and uncalled for.
  3. Sexism will not be tolerated under any circumstance. This is also unacceptable under any circumstance.
  4. Swearing is ok, as long as it is not constant swearing, This is up to the acting moderator and Admin as to what is to much.
  5. No outside wiki links unless it is to Community Central. You can PM them to eachother, just not on open chat.
  6. No spamming. We are here for active discussions not trolling or spamming,
  7. No Minging
  8. Sock Puppeting is allowed only for Testing and or Purposes that have been given clearance by my self or the legates. You Must Register with Me and my legates. This is so no harassment in chat occurs. If you do not register your sock will be banned from chat.
  9. Listen to the Legates and Centurions (Admins and Chat Moderators) If you Argue you get kicked.

Admin Policies Edit

In this wiki the Admins are not known as Admins. They have taken the names of ancient Roman Ranks. The Head Admin/Founder which is my self is known as the Lord Legatus. My senior Admins and every one else are known as Legates. Chat Moderators are known as Centurions. Discussion Moderators are known as the Triarii. Also the VSTF who have a presence on this wiki will be known as the Quaestionarius.