Overview Edit

" He was different before the fall of the evil montade. He was more joyous, and happy. But the touch of the decider changed him. The smell of burning air follows where he walks and his eyes shine with a white light. I fear he is no longer a man. - Legate Tiberius "

The Storm King is the leader of the Ouradian people and founder of what is known as the Ouradian empire today. His original name has been lost to history, but it is believed that he was a Primus Pilus of the Roman legions that were abducted by the montadian people.

History Edit

Around the time 9 CE three Roman legions were marching to conquer the Germanic territory across the rhine river. The night before the battle was to take place the Montadian Night Stalkers drew the Romans out of their encampment and started picking the Roman legionaries away one by one. By the time morning broke the sky the Primus Pilus of the second legion was the only roman left on the field. How ever unlike the other Romans he was surrounded by the broken bodies of three Montadian night stalkers, a feat unheard of by many of the foes the Montade have faced. But this made him a much more desired target and he came under many threats. He was eventually subdued and placed in a slave vessel with the rest of the legions.