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                                                  About the Wiki

Thus the storm came and took him. The touch of The Decider came and blessed him to be one of many. For three days and three nights lighting wracked the palace and thunder shook the ground. The very planet screamed in pain. But on the final night he emerged changed... He was no longer just our king, but the Lord Of Storm, our Storm King."

-Lord Legatus Octavian Maximus

Hello everyone. This is my fantasy universe that I have been pouring years of life into, and one that I have been activity pursuing to create with blender and 3D technology along with novels and short stories. This is going to be a fan based fantasy universe which means that anyone can contribute to the over all universe. This will be the number one source for information for this universe, as I am the creator of the universe. Anyone I mean anyone is free to contribute to this universe. However, I have strict system of accepting new content. This will be in the editing and content guide lines page, along with the policy page,make sure you read this over if you are to the wiki. Now many of you may ask your selves why would i start on a wiki? Where anyone can mess it up? Well here's my answer, I believe that anyone can contribute. A group of selective people can only get so far, and I figured why not let people who may become fans join the universe and have a part in shaping the universe. This is going to be a very accurate wiki about the history of the universe, and I will be here consistently. I am also in the midst of setting up an official website for this universe, so enjoy my friends.


This is strictly my universe and I am in no way plagiarizing any other universes. Anything that may be similar is coincidental. Anything you guys wish to use, I must know about it before hand. I have a talk page please ask!

Feel free to take a look around

Major Factions

  1. Ouradians
  2. Beylsoyrians
  3. Montade
  4. Kuriat
  5. Draken
  6. P.C.F